2013 Conference

The Dangerous Goods Trainers Association (www.dgta.org) held its first annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, from April 3 to 5. The aim of attracting an international audience to help promote excellence in training standards was achieved, with more than 20 countries represented in the conference room. Those attending the conference included trainers, regulators and industry representatives, along with members of the specialist press. The standard of the conference can be gauged by some of the speakers who attended, including Jeff Hart, chairman of the UN Sub-committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Gudula Schwan, chair of the IMO Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers (DSC) Sub-committee, Ross McLachlan from the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Nicole Barrette from ICAO. Presentations focused on the role of trainers in improving standards in the transport of dangerous goods. Regulators spoke about what they want from the training community and DGTA representatives gave some advice on effective training. Jeff Greenwald of IHMM introduced delegates to the CDGP certification that is being developed by IHMM and DGTA to offer recognition for experts in the field. Copies of the presentations are available on the DGTA website for delegates and members of the Association. DGTA intends to repeat the Copenhagen event in 2015 ahead of the introduction of the next version of ADR/RID. Meanwhile, a 2014 conference is being planned — more details will follow!